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    Expert Session: Energy Tokenization
    September 6, The Hague




    An update on the latest developments by the energy token working group will be given!

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  • The whitepaper of the Energy Tokenization group called "Power of the Many -Towards a citizens' driven energy transition through fractional ownership of solar parks",is now available for download via the button below!

    Now available: Whitepaper POWER OF THE MANY

  • We envision

    a decentralized energy system in which people are empowered as pro-consumers in so called Energy Communities

    Solar investments via energy communities support the inclusion of citizens and avoid larger inequalities caused by the energy transition. This puts the control of electricity generation back in the hands of the many by making them active participants in the energy transitions.


    Our solution increases solar uptake while cutting consumers' bills, lowering energy poverty, and increasing energy security and independence as a side effect.


    2Tokens | Energy Token is a working group with a focus on Energy tokens. We believe that this may fundamentally change the way utility energy systems work. Tokenization may accelerate the energy transition which is in line with the ambition of the EU commission to reduce carbon and emission footprints. The Energy Token working group consists of leading industry players to come up with new energy solutions that deliver real end user value today



    Tokenization of Energy

    On the 3rd of October, we organized our 7th round table session. The main topic of this event was the "Tokenization of Energy" and took place at The Green Village (TU Delft Campus, Delft).


    This time, the various subtopics of the discussion tables were Local for local, Energy markets, Legal & Regulatory, Governance, Fractional ownership, Carbon credits, and Technology!

    At the event, several keynote speakers gave the latest updates on the Tokenization of Energy. Meet our speakers below:

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  • What we do

    The Energy Token working group

    At the moment, the energy sector is heavily regulated and enjoys a certain lack of transparency. Furthermore, the new EU regulation states that prosumers (a consumer who also produces energy) are very important as a new way of producing and consuming energy. With new technologies, such as distributed ledger technologies, the opportunities are endless.


    The continued progress of technology brings many opportunities to improve traditional industries and rethink current approaches. Innovations, such as blockchain and the internet, make energy systems more intelligent and better benefit consumers. This increasing digitalization can transform how people engage with these utilities by bringing control and transparency back to the end-user.

    How to tokenize energy?

    In the current metering & allocation setup, every commercial grid connection has a meter and associated allocation point. Balance responsible parties (BRPs) are responsible for maintaining supply and demand on the energy market within their portfolio. Together, all BRPs represent all connections within a scheduling area (for example, the Netherlands).


    As the BRPs work on expected production, consumption, and external trade, differences between supply and demand may occur using reconciliation to correct the disparity. New technology, such as smart meters and DLTs, allow for real-time energy allocation based on actual energy consumption.

  • “With the support from the 2Tokens Energy Working group, we have been able to build a PV .... ”

    — Meindert Jansberg, Director at Catena Investments

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