• Energy Token

    Every year, 2Tokens works on three token use cases. Together with stakeholders, experts, and other interested parties, they turn these token use cases into actual business cases, like the 2Tokens | Energy Token.

    The founding partners are


    Sunified Headquartered in The Hague, builds true green energy
    technology with 51 SolarParks in Australia


    Catena Investments is a venture capital firm in renewable energy,
    circular economy with a crossover to fintech solutions


    BlockLab is a wholly owned company of the Port of Rotterdam with
    a mission to develop decentralized energy solutions such as Distro


    2Tokens is funded by the EU and industry to develop clear token
    finance solutions within regulatory frameworks. Community
    supported by 1200+ members & 7 working groups

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  • What the Energy Token does

    Shared ownership of energy generating assets which are enabled by the Sunified UNITY sensor and the energy token model developed by 2Tokens. These assets will create energy tokens (kWh) that can be spent in netting off your energy consumption at any place at any time. E.g. Charge your car with your own or community generated solar, regardless of time and location, of both solar and EVxs=]-[-p09fdfdsfmkl

    • Tokenizing energy will accelerate the energy transition
      • new financing models
      • frictionless settlement
      • green offsets of your own energy consumption